Most Dangerous Dares and Trends You Need to Warn Your Children About

Do not ignore the dark side of internet challenges

Kids and teens have always been susceptible to peer pressure and the fear of missing out. The double dares of yesteryear have evolved into the viral social media stunts sweeping the internet today. Old-school dares like saying “Bloody Mary” in the mirror at a slumber party have escalated to terrifying social media challenges like filming yourself lighting an aerosol can on fire or hanging yourself with a rope.

The growing influence of social media, and the widespread prevalence of kids and teens performing dangerous stunts in an effort to gain attention online, has led to serious injury and even death. Although some children and teens simply watch these videos for entertainment, others feel inspired to attempt these challenges themselves, often without realizing just how hazardous these activities can be. Far too many kids and teens have fallen victim to internet challenges, unaware of just how harmful these challenges really are.