Most Dangerous Dares and Trends You Need to Warn Your Children About

Neknomination Trend: A dangerous amount of binge drinking

A risky and sometimes fatal drinking game called Neknominate that originated in Australia has been sweeping the globe since becoming a viral, social-media phenomenon. The challenge involves filming yourself chugging large quantities of alcohol then nominating a friend to try and top you. Teens have died as a result of this risky game, with peer pressure on social media sites leading to dangerous binge drinking. Participants often attempt other risky dares after consuming vast quantities of alcohol, which is a recipe for disaster. Teens who participate in the Neknomination trend are endangering their safety and even their lives. Furthermore, sharing these videos on social media could come back to haunt teens later in life when they’re searching for jobs. Teens should be warned about the serious, long-term consequences associated with binge drinking and learn strategies for coping with peer pressure.

Photo source: Youtube