Most Dangerous Dares and Trends You Need to Warn Your Children About

The Duct Tape Challenge: A child nearly lost his life while his friends looked on

A mother in Washington state is warning parents about the dangerous “duct tape challenge” that nearly cost her 14-year-old son his life. While attempting the challenge, the teen nearly choked to death on his own blood while his friends looked on. The challenge involves having your friends wrap your body in duct tape then seeing how long it takes you to escape.

While attempting this challenge, the Washington state teen fell forward and hit his head on a window frame before falling onto a concrete floor, suffering an aneurysm and a seizure and shattering his eye socket and cheek bone. He required nearly 50 staples in his head and is fortunate even to be alive. His mother shared his story to warn others about the very real dangers associated with the duct tape challenge and other risky, social media games.

Photo Source: Youtube