Most Dangerous Dares and Trends You Need to Warn Your Children About

The Salt and Ice Challenge: Teens have suffered third-degree burns as a consequence

To participate in the “salt and ice challenge,” a child or teen pours salt on part of the body then places an ice cube over the area. The salt lowers the temperature of the ice cube, and within as few as five to ten minutes, the ice cube can cause serious injuries akin to frostbite. In some cases, children and teens have even suffered third-degree burns as a consequence of participating in the salt and ice challenge. 

The skin in the affected area essentially turns into leather. The blood vessels in the region are destroyed. The nerve endings are also destroyed, resulting in a loss of sensation. The damage also creates a bald patch where hair can never be regrown. In some cases, these burns can cause dangerous, possibly even fatal infections. Many kids and teens simply don’t realize just how serious and permanent the injuries caused by the salt and ice challenge can be.

Photo Source: ITV