Most Dangerous Dares and Trends You Need to Warn Your Children About

The Blue Whale Challenge: Children have reportedly committed suicide to fulfill disturbing tasks

The controversial Blue Whale Challenge was initially suspected to be a hoax, but parents have recently come forward stating they believe their children committed suicide because of the challenge. The challenge is believed to have started on Russian social media; a Russian man was arrested for creating the challenge confessed to using psychological manipulation in an effort to convince teenage girls to commit suicide. The 50 tasks associated with the challenge were translated from Russian to English and shared on the social media site Reddit.

Teens participating in the challenge allegedly send photos proving they’ve completed these disturbing tasks to a designated “whale,” an older person who is manipulating the teen and not completing the tasks himself. These unsettling tasks include grotesque acts of self-harm including cutting oneself, and ultimately committing suicide by jumping off a building. The “whale” uses an online platform like Skype to prey on impressionable teens.

If you are concerned a loved one may be in danger of harming herself, it is crucial to express your concern and to contact law enforcement or a suicide hotline for help right away.