Most Dangerous Dares and Trends You Need to Warn Your Children About

The "Charlie Charlie" Challenge: A trend with demonic and supernatural undertones

The “Charlie Charlie” challenge originated on Spanish-language social media sites then quickly spread to other platforms like Vine, a popular video-sharing app. The game has also been trending on Twitter and Instagram. To participate, you simply draw an X on a piece of paper, label two quadrants “no” and two quadrants “yes,” place two overlapping pencils on each axis of the grid, then say “Charlie Charlie are you there?” and ask a question, filming the process on your smart phone. The recent social-media phenomenon has its roots in a classic game played by Spanish schoolchildren for generations called “Juego de la Lapicera.” Both games have supernatural, even demonic connotations, similar to the infamous Ouija board. Although the “Charlie Charlie” challenge might not be as physically dangerous as challenges like the choking game or the salt and ice challenge, priests and other religious leaders warn that opening oneself to the possibility of demonic activity should never be taken lightly.

Photo source: Crisis Magazine.