Most Dangerous Dares and Trends You Need to Warn Your Children About

The Condom Challenge: An incredibly dangerous trend that can cause choking

Teens engage in risky games like the “condom-snorting challenge” in order to attract attention on social media. In this challenge, a participant unrolls a condom and stuffs it up one side of his or her nose, then plugs the other nostril and inhales until the condom slides down into his or her throat. The participant then reaches back into their mouth to pull out the condom. Snorting condoms is incredibly dangerous, as a condom could easily become stuck in an individual’s nose or throat, preventing them from breathing and causing them to choke.

In addition to the risk of unintentional suffocation, a teen might also inadvertently swallow the condom, creating a blockage in their gastrointestinal tract that would require emergency surgery. Condom-snorting among teens is by no means as endemic as incendiary media coverage might lead you to believe, but it is nevertheless important to warn teens about the dangers and risks associated with the condom-snorting challenge and other hazardous social media trends.

Photo source: Youtube