Parents with Disabilities Fight to Keep Their Children

Lucas fights for the rights of other disabled parents

Lucas launched the Center for the Rights of Parents with Disabilities in 2004 to help parents who need legal help. She is an advocate for changes in the laws that will remove statutory bias for those with disabilities.

Lucas was the lead plaintiff in a 7 and a half year suit against Kmart that resulted in an accessibility class action settlement. It was Carol Ann Lucas’ fight and determination that brought changes for those with disabilities.

Lucas works for dozens of clients at a time along with attorneys and social workers who are waging a battle to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act. This act was passed two decades ago, but adoption and foster care agencies still resist placing children in the homes of parents with disabilities. Jails isolate detainees by their limitations, and there are no adaptions for sign-language clarification in healthcare facilities, police stations, and courthouses. Transportation systems, performing arts centers as well as civic centers in many areas across the nation remain inaccessible for those with disabilities.

But her fight doesn't stop there.

Photo source: Carrie Ann Lucas