Parents with Disabilities Fight to Keep Their Children

Lucas has been investigated by CPS more than once with her own children

Lucas adopted four children with disabilities from the foster care system. And, though the state of Colorado has deemed her capable to adopt these children, she has been referred to CPS many times.

According to her, her referrals to CPS are senseless and insubstantial. Once she was reported to CPS because her little daughter’s ponytail was “too tight”, and she was reported another time for allowing her teenage daughter to go home from the school bus by herself in her wheelchair.

Almost two decades ago, Lucas set out to adopt her niece but the process took her over 16 months. A judge threatened to place the CPS employee in jail under contempt of court if she refused to give the child to Lucas. But the CPS worker said to the judge, “There is no way that a handicapped woman can take care of a handicapped child. We’re going to be picking up the child within two weeks.”

Photo source: The Colorado Independent