Real Housewives Star Jacqueline Laurita Discusses Her Son's Autism Diagnosis

Misconceptions about autism

With Nicholas bringing more awareness to the public, they hope to break several misconceptions about children with autism. First, Jacqueline wants people to realize that no child with autism is the same. There is no single cookie-cutter approach that will work the same for every family.

Children with autism are very intelligent, smart and loving. They may be unable to express those feelings at times, but that does not mean they do not feel them. Nicholas has a photographic memory, so Jacqueline would take pictures of things in his environment and put words on them. This way he was learning the words and not just memorizing pictures. She discovered new ways to teach her son because of his intelligence.

Chris said, when people hear that their son is autistic they think he has a disability. They try to put a label on autistic children. Even though Nicholas is autistic, that does not mean he does not have potential. And it is their job as parents to help bring out his potential. If everyone just accepted things for what they are there would be no improvement. But through hard work and dedication to your child, you can see results, Chris says.