Reality Show About Raising Kids with Autism is Surprisingly Complicated

Preparing for the Atypical role

Gilchrist prepared for his role of an autistic boy by watching documentaries and reading David Finch’s ‘The Journal of Best Practices’. “That book was super helpful, super well-written, and really pushes you in the headspace of a high-functioning person who’s on the spectrum,” he said. Although he does not have autism himself, he could relate to his character’s uneasiness about school crushes and feeling like an outsider. “I feel like being an outsider is something a lot of people can relate to. I was the one who came to school wearing bondage pants and a studded jacket. I always stood out and kids always would yell at me in the halls and whatever and just thought I was weird. A lot of people can feel that way in high school,” said Gilchrist. 

Photo: Netflix (YouTube)