Reality Show About Raising Kids with Autism is Surprisingly Complicated

Using entertainment to help find an answer

“I love this show because it’s relatable for people with family members who have special needs, but ideally I want it to be relatable for anyone because it’s about universal things – the search for love, the search for independence and what it feels like not to be normal – which everyone on the show is sort of grappling with, not just Sam,” said Robia Rashid, executive producer of the show. “I think there are real laugh-out-loud funny moments, but it’s also very emotional. I do feel there is something cathartic about a show that sort of addresses a lot of issues of connection, letting go and anger and peace and love and fury that you feel when you’re a part of a family, when you care about a kid and I think all of those things make it. I don’t know if it’s specifically the subject matter or more the central themes, but I think there’s something about it that fills a need – that answers something,” she added.