Signs of a Child Struggling with Mental Illness

Your child could experience the negative effects of a hostile environment, even if they "won't remember"

Do you have a young baby or toddler in the house? Are you having trouble in your marriage, or with someone else within the house? Many think that it is perfectly fine to fight with their significant other while their baby is in the house - after all, they won't remember right? It will go right over their heads? To a certain extent, yes. They do not know how to speak yet, so they will not comprehend the awful things you are saying to each other. However, they can sense the hostility in voices, so you should be aware that they might not be as unscathed as you might think.

If a child does pick up on these harsh tones, it is possible that they will become more likely to develop mental illnesses in the future, and the fighting that they hear at a young age could even be a trauma in some cases.