Signs of a Child Struggling with Mental Illness

Your child loses weight unexpectedly

If your child loses weight unexpectedly, there is a slim chance that it is natural - but more often than not, this should be discussed with your child's doctor.

Eating disorders are very common in children and teens, especially in an age where everyone is comparing themselves to others on social media. Eating disorders can affect both girls and boys, and should be treated seriously, and with lots of care. If your child frequently makes excuses not to eat, and loses their appetite often, they may be struggling with anorexia. However, there are other forms of eating disorders that may not be so easy to catch as a parent.

Your child could have bulimia, which would mean that they could eat all of their meals normally, or even eat extra. But sometimes, what you are not seeing behind the scenes is that they are vomiting all of this food up or taking laxatives. Therefore, it is always important to contact a doctor if you notice an unexplained weight loss.