The Heartbreak of Pediatric Cancer: Parents Share their Pictures and Stories

Caroline Jones: A child who has left behind a legacy of hope and joy

Tragically, not all children win the battle against pediatric cancer. One heart-breaking case is that of Caroline Jones, who was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma when she was only three. It started with leg pain that caused this happy, pink-loving little girl to limp. Then, her parents noticed a bruise under her eye that was at first brushed off as nothing to worry about by a doctor, but as it worsened, Caroline was ultimately taken to the ER, where doctors discovered she had a tumor on her right kidney.

The brave child endured multiple rounds of intense chemotherapy and radiation, as well as underwent two bone marrow transplants. She also developed pulmonary veno-occlusive disease, which became so bad as to be life-threatening, but Caroline proved her strength by overcoming it as well as having her cancer scans come up clean — at first. Then, in May, 2017, she developed bruising around her eye again, and medical tests confirmed the devastating news: the neuroblastoma had returned, and, worse, there is no cure when it comes back. Caroline passed away in August that same year, leaving behind a legacy of hope and joy for all who knew her.

Photo: Caroline Jones