The Heartbreak of Pediatric Cancer: Parents Share their Pictures and Stories

Isabella Day is her parent's hero everyday

Most children dream of “when” they will grow older, not “if,” but those affected by pediatric cancer, like Isabella Day, do not feel the same sense of guarantee. However, that does not stop them from hoping. Isabella was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma at nine months when she and her twin sister were taken for their wellness visit. Doctors found masses in her abdomen and spinal canal, both of which were too large to remove surgically.

Isabella’s next four years were spent fighting the disease, undergoing multiple operations and 12 rounds of chemo. Yet, the little girl remained happy and courageous every single day of those four years. Although she still struggles with pain, she hardly ever complains; in fact, she is a continuous source of joy and strength for her parents. Isabella is a brave individual who hopes to live a long life full of adventure and happy memories.

Photo: Isabella Day