Transition Guide for Diabetic Adolescents: From Pediatric to Adult Diabetes Care Providers

What is Transition?

One important phase that adolescents with diabetes go through is the transition from a pediatric to an adult diabetes care provider. People with diabetes usually have a team of doctors and health care professionals from the society or school to check on their health every now and then and make sure everything is okay. However, as people grow older, that group of people will have to be replaced by the ones that could cater to the health needs of an adult. The transition requires early preparation from patients, families, and health care providers. It is also encouraged that the parents help supervise their children as a form of support while they are learning the way around self-management. The transition itself paves the way for these young patients to become more self-sufficient and more confident with their health care providers when they enroll in college or during the later parts of their life.