New Autism Regression Research Looks Promising for Diagnosis

Autism Regression: Final thoughts

Final thoughts

The studies and research are of great importance to continue. If doctors and psychiatrists can get away from the typical textbook views of autism, it may make for earlier and less complicated diagnosis. The current theory is that there are either signs from infancy, or autism shows up abruptly. The research from Dr. Ozonoff and Dr. Piven, along with countless others, has proven that it does not happen abruptly. They have proven that there are signs of the condition as early as 6 months of age in these so-called regression cases. These studies and discussions are pivotal in the changes that could arise. This information can be used to improve testing and scans. Teach clinicians to spot the signs earlier so the child can have proper adjustments. It means more awareness for people so that families aren’t shocked by a “sudden” onset of Autism.