New Autism Regression Research Looks Promising for Diagnosis

Autism Regression: The new research and who's behind it

The new research and who's behind it

Sally Ozonoff, Ph.D. believes the idea of regression to be false and wants the term to be eliminated. Sally is a huge voice in the research for autism; it is her life's work. She is an Endowed Professor and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the UC Davis School of Medicine. She has written numerous publications, including three books on autism. She used to believe in the idea that there were two clear forms of the disorder, but through research, she now believes this is simply not the case. She believes there is no division of the two types. She is not the only researcher who has these beliefs. In fact, it was a buzzing topic at a recent conference on regression. Stories of children with autism were presented in ways that went against what was once believed to be true.