The Best Places to Live for Autism Services

Other notable states for autism care

In addition to Florida, other states have similar laws designed to help people with autism succeed in their states. For example, Connor’s Law in New Hampshire requires health insurance coverage for medically-necessary autism therapies, including ABA. Massachusetts enacted insurance reform laws in 2014, and also has a commission dedicated to addressing the long-term needs of people with autism. New York City is renowned for its autism services in the public school system.

In an ideal situation, no one should have to go so far as to uproot their lives and move to a different state just to get the medical care that their child needs. Unfortunately, there may still be a while to go until national, widespread reform is adopted and all states can guarantee excellent therapies and services for children with autism. Hopefully more and more states will continue to adopt policies like those in Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and other leaders, and work towards making autism services accessible for all.