Chuck E. Cheese Dedicates Sundays to Those With Special Needs

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One might wonder how people hear about these events. Of course, it is great to give back and cater to those who are sometimes not looked after properly in many establishments, but how do you get customers to learn of the great work you are doing and come with their families?

Well, many would assume a lot of money is spent on advertising; however, that is not the case. Not only did that one store in Massachusetts garner the attention of corporate headquarters, but it also made many across the country listen. Word spread quickly, and even without a major plan for recruiting customers, every first Sunday of the month families pile into various locations, joyous that they finally have a family activity that everyone can participate in equally.

Certain large organizations with heavy followings, such as Autism Speaks, would sometimes post about the events on their social media pages which would inevitably heighten traction as well.