Chuck E. Cheese Dedicates Sundays to Those With Special Needs

The results have been overwhelmingly positive

There have been numerous benefits of Chuck E. Cheese's Sensory Sensitive Sundays, on both sides. Positive attention has been gained, along with passionate customers that likely never would have stepped in the door had it not been for the events. For the employees themselves, there has been a specific level of enhancement. Anderson explains, "it's added a new level of passion to our employees and our guests." This is important for the establishment because while the employees might have liked their jobs before, now they love them because they know they are going to work at a place where they can do good, and give a child a fun experience that they are often unable to be a part of due to circumstances beyond their control.

Chuck E. Cheese has set an excellent example of how and why companies must look at themselves and question whether they are being true to their taglines or missions, especially in regard to those in need. If they see changes might be in order, it is crucial to have the bravery to make them.