Cystic Fibrosis: Helping Teens Transform

Final thoughts

Adolescence is a challenging period for anyone, but it is especially difficult for young people with CF. Their condition may cause them to mature much later than their peers. Regardless, your child should understand that their condition does not define who they are and it should not hold them back. There are several educational and employment opportunities available to them, taking into account their physical and intellectual capabilities.

Although the future of CF is optimistic, until a cure is found, focuses are continuously being made on helping to improve the lives of those living with CF. As a parent of a teenager with CF, while there are no easy or simple approaches to helping them in their transition to adolescence, you can offer them support through the good days and the bad. You can teach them to stay as healthy as possible, you can encourage them to be positive about their future, and you can help them to focus on their self-worth. CF may be a long-lasting journey, but you can help them to take each day one step at a time and to maximize the quality of their life.