How a Rock Star Became a Father and an Autism Activist

The impact on their community

While the Snell family and their artists donated their time and money, the event marked a special day for the creation of meaningful tattoos. Sean McCarry got a rainbow-colored puzzle piece on his arm for his two-and-a-half-year-old son. “My son, he’s very offset from other people. But he’s a very, very colorful and loving child. This rainbow is like his personality, there’s a bunch of different parts, but when they’re all together it’s a beautiful thing” he said. McCarry stressed that the first year was very tough on him and his wife, but they did receive help from Nevada Early Intervention Services, which helped their family a great deal. He said that anyone willing to put together an event like Ink for Autism is truly special. “My son, he’s acting like a child again so it makes me way too happy. And I want to thank everyone who’s out there helping those kids with different diagnoses, I really do. These people are a godsend” he said.