How Video Games Advocate for People with Autism

Video Game: What makes Symmetra such a special heroine?

What makes Symmetra such a special heroine?

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What makes Symmetra so special is that autism does not define her character. She is simply an awesome, powerful warrior who also happens to be on the spectrum. Not only does she have an intricate life story behind her character, but also special abilities and fighting skills. Overwatch took special care to make sure each and every one of the characters had multiple layers to their identity – much like real people. In real life, someone’s disease or disorder does not define the person they are.

Symmetra is also a heroine in her own 10-page comic. Just before releasing the game, the company published this comic called, A Better World. They hinted at the character’s traits in this storyline, showing that she was very uncomfortable with crowds and obsessed with details like a crooked frame. The comic also hinted that others would ask her if she was “on the spectrum”.

Symmetra’s voice dialogue was also a crucial part of her character development. When she first started, voice actress Anjali Bhimani didn’t know that she was playing the role of a character with autism. She first realized this detail when she saw the comic, A Better World. Symmetra was such a wonderfully developed character that autism was only a piece of her overall identity. Anjali was able to portray Symmetra’s autism in a very subtle way, making her even more special compared to the less tasteful examples in television and movies.