Helping Kids Cope with Celiac Disease

Give a child responsibilities

Train a child to deal with different situations by coming up with scripts and scenarios. Perhaps teaching him to act like a detective finding clues on the unsafe diet. Practice spotting safe and unsafe commodities on a grocery shopping trips.

Have a mentor that a child can look up to

Children can find it hard to cope with being different. Finding mentor can help a child cope with the disease. Children might start asking questions that you can’t answer and a mentor will help a child in these situations.

Let children be in charge

Teach older children about the scientific aspects of this disease. Educate young children about the basics. With knowledge, children can manage their dietary needs. Fasano said that when children are forced to eat a certain diet, chances are that he may start to give in or push back. Therefore, children should be involved in managing their condition. Depending on child’s maturity level and age, he should help in food shopping, meal planning, placing restaurant orders, reading labels, cooking and packing school lunches. This way, children will remain empowered to make their food.