Helping Kids Cope with Celiac Disease

Let children enjoy what their friends enjoy

Children should not miss out on eating delicious treats since there is delicious gluten-free food to choose from such as uncured pepperoni pizza. Children might feel excluded if they can’t enjoy the same food in parties. Parents should prepare or buy gluten-free options for their children. If there are other children with food allergies and celiac, the parent should decide that the activity is the main event and not food. They should decide if the food will be nut or gluten-free. Children should be taught that since they can eat what other children are eating doesn’t mean that they are different.

Don’t concentrate on what they can’t have but what they have 

When someone has been diagnosed with celiac disease, that person has to avoid a lot of foods. Children should be shown all the things they can have. Some of these things might surprise them because they might not know that they existed. This way becomes help them to stay positive.