MDA Summer Camp: The Summer of a Lifetime for Muscular Dystrophy Patients

The MDA Summer Camp Experience

There is an endless supply of fun and games in the MDA Summer Camp like horseback riding, adaptive sports, swimming and fishing, camp dances, and arts and crafts. These activities allow the children to step beyond their limits into self-discovery and instill in them the positive mental attitude necessary to overcome the effects of their disability. At MDA Summer Camp, kids are encouraged to dance, sing, laugh, and express themselves through any means possible in a setting that can be both idyllic and boisterous. It is a place where they are surrounded by children just like them, making them feel at home and secure. It is where they learn to ask other people for help and realize that it is not a weakness but a promise that they are not alone in their affliction. The camp is a sanctuary where kids with muscular dystrophy have a power to be unleashed and a place where, for once, they are not the exception.

Many MDA Summer Camp alumni consider the experience a pivotal moment in their lives where they felt powerful and infinite and did things they never thought they could do. Despite their physical disabilities, they were able to build memories that will last a lifetime and have adventures that allowed them to overcome their fears. The MDA Summer Camp broke them out of their shell and celebrated them for soldiering through their frailties.