Tips for Parents Raising a Child With Diabetes

American Diabetes Association suggestions

The American Diabetes Association highly suggests that parents see their child’s physician prior to the start of school in order to discuss their child’s condition, management, as well as action plans. School nurses, as well as teachers, will then have to be informed of the child’s daily diabetes routine and emergency plan. Moreover, parents should provide directions for anyone who will be in charge of their child. This includes not just teachers but also bus drivers, field trip staff, as well as after-school staff. ADA also recommends providing a low box (much like Lauren’s) for the child’s classroom and school nurse. The box must have emergency glucagon, as well as snacks to help bring up the child’s blood sugar fast.

Having a clearly laid out instruction for diabetes management can help people do the proper action when emergencies strike. You’ll also see how the mom’s idea is also helpful for other children’s conditions like epilepsy, asthma, etc. While advances in medical technology have helped reduced diabetes’ risk of long-term complications, the condition can still impact a child’s self-esteem and behavior. To make sure your child gets the best experience in school, here are some more advice on taking care of children with diabetes.