Telling a Child He or She Has Autism

Surround them with positivity and like-minded people

In general. children with autism need to hear information several times, including information about their diagnosis. This does not mean that they did not understand what they were told the first time around, but rather re-addressing the topic can be an essential part of their processing the information. In addition, while it is important for your child to spend time with normally developing children their age, it is equally important that they spend some time with other children with autism. Consider enrolling them in a playgroup, camp, social skills group, or workshop designed specifically for children with autism. They may find it to be an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Sometimes, children with autism can better understand themselves and the world around them by interacting with others on the autism spectrum. It may help them to realize that there are others out there who view the world the same way they do and that autism is merely a condition – it does not define who they are.