Are All Medications Safe During Pregnancy?

Are All Medications Safe During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it's important to think twice before popping a pill without consulting with your doctor first. Although some pills are non-prescription medications — and are readily available and convenient — it is always better to discuss taking any type of medication or pill with your doctor before taking anything when pregnant. Albeit these medications may not be harmful for the mother, it may be harmful for the child.

Moreover, the safety of many medications that are commonly used are not always safe during pregnancy, and can cause complications. This is true for herbal and dietary supplements as well. It is important to consult with your doctor about any medications you currently take, or plan to take during your pregnancy. One should not suddenly start or stop taking medications when one is pregnant. Talk with your doctor before doing so.

There are certain medications that can cause birth defects and such medications should be avoided absolutely during pregnancy. The effects of any medication during pregnancy may depend on several factors including:

  • Dosage
  • Stage of pregnancy
  • Health condition of the mother
  • Other medications taken by the mother

If a woman who is pregnant has health issues, like asthma, epilepsy, hypertension, or depression, treatment is essential because it can harm the unborn child. In such cases, one should discuss any of these conditions with a physician regarding safe medications to take for these issues during pregnancy. Doctors will be able to balance the risks and benefits associated with a medication.

What medications are considered safe during pregnancy? Prenatal vitamins are essential and safe options for the mother during this time. The same may not be true for herbal preparations and other supplements, and in most cases there is no concrete proof that these options are safe. Always prefer the medications suggested by your physician. There are a number of drugs for common ailments, such as allergies, a cold, the flu, constipation, and rashes, which are safe for use during pregnancy. But in any case, check with your doctor before taking any of them.

If you are concerned about discomforts during pregnancy, a number of alternative therapies are found to be safe. These therapies may be useful for nausea, backache, and labor pain. Some alternatives to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy include neck massages, good sleep, relaxation, exercises or a warm bath.