FAQ: My Body After Birth

FAQ: My Body After Birth

Why do I still look pregnant even though I'm not?

You still look pregnant after giving birth because your abdominal muscles have been stretched and weakened during pregnancy. In addition, your uterus still needs time to shrink down.

Start exercising and strengthen your abdominal muscles as soon as possible. Doing so helps you get back in your body before pregnancy. Exercise gradually. Don’t push your body beyond your limits.

Strengthening your abdominal muscles lessens your risk of having low back pain.

Why do I pee so much after giving birth?

The body stores fluid during pregnancy. After giving birth, your body is now returning to its normal condition. The extra fluid as well as extra blood and tissues stored during pregnancy have to be eliminated. These will leave your body through the kidneys. Since your body is still storing those excess fluids, your feet and ankles are swollen for a period of time.

It is normal that you’ll be urinating much more often than when you were pregnant. This is the body’s way of shedding the extra fluid. You’ll pee in larger and quantities and you will also sweat more.

Even if your body has too much fluid than normal, you don’t have to stop or limit drinking. You still need to drink plenty of water to keep your body healthy and hydrated. Staying hydrated also prevents constipation.

Why are my emotions all over the place after childbirth?

Most new moms experience a roller coaster of emotions after giving birth. This is due to several reasons including hormonal changes, physical discomfort after childbirth, sleep deprivation, demands of caring a baby and worrying about being a parent.
Whatever the cause, it's normal to feel overwhelmed and to experience baby blues. This is usually common a few days after childbirth. You’ll feel better a few days later.

Some women experience postnatal depression (PND) where their feeling of anxiety and upset don’t fade away or their feeling worse. Discuss this with your doctor or midwife for them to be able to help you.

Why am I still experiencing stomach cramps after giving birth?

The cramps you’re feeling are caused by your uterus. It is contracting back to its size prior to pregnancy since the uterus has been 25 times bigger before your baby was born. The uterus started to shrink minutes after birth. Cramps are caused by the tightening of the uterus’ fibers.

After giving birth, your doctor or midwife checks for your uterus. If you feel sore during the examination, let your health care provider know as it might indicate infection.

The inner lining of the uterus will slough off and will pass out of the body through lochia, a period like discharge. At first, it is bright red in color then it will be lighter until it fades to whitish yellow. This process will last for six weeks.

How can I cope with exhaustion?

The changes that had happened during pregnancy and after childbirth can really be exhausting to you. On top of that, you’re lack of sleep. It’s no wonder you feel exhausted. In a matter of weeks, all the changes that happened in your body during pregnancy will slowly go back to normal. Your body will recover normally.

Get extra rests during the day, sneak a nap while your baby is also sleeping. If you have other children that need to be taken care of, don’t be ashamed to ask help from your family.

There’s no need to worry. This will just add stress to you and your condition. Let your body heal naturally and in no time, you’ll already feel better.