Third Trimester

New Study Links Preterm Birth With Sleep Disorders

How Other Factors Come Into Play

A number of women could very well be suffering with sleep related disorders during their pregnancy and have no idea. Screening for sleep disorders during pregnancy could result in a better diagnosis and treatment of issues. Studies have continued to show that with proper treatment and management, sleep disorders that can cause preterm birth could be prevented. From sleep apnea to more mild cases of sleep disorders, preterm birth and the relation to sleeplessness is a serious matter. Insomnia is just one of the many sleep disorders that can affect pregnant women.

Those who have no trouble sleeping before their pregnancy could suddenly find themselves facing issues that could affect the health and delivery of not only themselves, but the fetus inside of them. It can seem rather confusing to some how symptoms can just suddenly appear out of nowhere. Insomnia is a common complaint among pregnant women who are now facing sleeping disorders for either the first time or perhaps finding the symptoms only worsening as the pregnancy goes on. Women who suffer from insomnia both before and during pregnancy can face a plethora of issues. Insomnia can lead to severe tension and headaches, anxiety, a feeling of being over stimulated, a severe lack of sleep, and other common complaints.