Third Trimester

New Study Links Preterm Birth With Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders and the Relation to Preterm Birth

Starting with better sleeping habits for preterm infants is crucial in future developments. While some might chalk up issues with preterm infants as simply sleeping problems, it is still important to note that most of these conditions are less common than other issues facing preterm babies. Breathing problems were noted in these infants, with  a large majority facing breathing issues as they slept. Those who had sleep issues as a child and were born preterm as an infant were found to have the same amount of sleep quality as an adult when compared to full-term infants and future adulthood. However, these individuals who were born before the full term were far more likely to suffer from sleep-disordered breathing complications. Unless an issue is brought up by the parent or severe complications are noted, practices for better sleep in infants is not generally taken into account for issues with preterm babies.