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I had toe surgery 2 months ago and it is almost healed up now. I had glass in my right big toe for 6 months. Now the wound is hard and my toe is a still a bit bigger then my other toe I don’t know what to do and I’m getting worried why is it hard? It doesn't feel soft or anything.

Female | 13 years old
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8 Answers

I recommend that you see a podiatrist to have this look at.

It's best to be evaluated by a specialist
My answer is the same, as long as the wound has healed.
Massages are with topical steroids TID. You may have vitamin deficiency. Check Vit D/B6/B12 levels and iron panel.
Swelling after surgery can last 6-12 months after surgery. You are healing fine
Talk to your parents or guardian so they are aware of the situation and a follow up appointment with the surgeon who performed the procedure may be a good idea
Could be a cyst. May need further excision. Not uncommon. Get it checked.
Go and see a podiatrist.