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Are crowns as strong as real teeth?

I want to get a dental crown. I want to know if crowns are as strong as real teeth?

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A dental crown is a restorative treatment to a tooth which has minimal tooth structure remaining.
Stronger! Within reason
If you were recommended a crown, that means that your actual tooth is either breaking or has a high risk of breaking due to a large restoration or due to many other causes. Crowns will maintain the integrity of your tooth very well, much better than a weakened tooth.
Crowns are placed on top of your tooth and are done so to strengthen your tooth when compromised.

Dr. Laurentis Barnett
The crown is used to protect the remaining part of your natural tooth. So it strengthens the tooth itself
Yes, they can be very strong and in most cases they protect the tooth from future fractures if the tooth is compromised.
Yes, most modern crowns are as strong as natural enamel of teeth. I've had some crowns in my mouth for over 40 years and I love crunching nuts and popcorn.Some crown materials, made from the most beautiful and lifelike materials (normally used for front teeth only) are only slightly less strong. But do a nice job and last a very long time.
Crowns are considered to be stronger than the tooth that they strengthen.
The crown can strengthen a cracking tooth or one with oversized fillings, perhaps to even stronger than a virgin tooth. It depends on the pre-crown condition of the tooth, the materials chosen for the crown, and the craftmanship of the dentist.