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Are essential lavender oils good for anxiety?

I have anxiety. It started one night when I wasn't able to sleep. Last night at 10.30 pm I rubbed my writs, back of my neck, temples with essential Lavender oils diluted with sweet almond oil. I woke up at 2:44 am and my heart palpitations, anxiety started again. I rubbed more lavender essential oils on my skin. It did not help me. Then, I took 1 mg melatonin at 4.00 am. I still wasn't able to sleep. At 8.00 am I took 6 or 7 drops of Lavender tincture orally and my heart started beating, my anxiety was acting up. When do you think it will be safe for me to use Lavender essential oils or tincture again? Maybe tonite before bedtime?

Female | 60 years old
Medications: none
Conditions: anxiety

4 Answers

Depression with sever anxiety
See this link for some insight into a your Q...,keeping%20you%20up%20at%20night.
Essential oils can be a nice supplement to many other calming or soothing remedies, but no essential oil is reported to "cure" anxiety or sleeping disorders. You may benefit from a psychiatric consultation to obtain a clear diagnosis and treatment path.
Those natural substances are no substitute for sound medical treatment. And they can harm you.