Dentist Questions Raisins

Are raisins good for your teeth?

My dentist recently told me that raisins can be good for my child's teeth because they can help fight cavities. But I am not convinced. Is it true?

10 Answers

Absolutely NOT!!!!

Dried fruits of any kind are not only have very high glycemic index, they are also sticky which are the worst for your teeth. I would rather see my patients eat chocolate than dried fruits
Raisins may be considered a “healthy” snack; but anything that has sugar and also sticks to the teeth, can increase the risk of getting decay in the teeth. Hope that helps.
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Raisins or any fruit, whether fresh or dried, is chock full of sugar. Consuming sugar or any carbohydrate at meal time is good for your health. Too frequent consumption of fruit between meals will lead to cavities. So be careful with what you eat between meals. Try to limit carbohydrates intake to three or four times daily. Between meals the better snack is nuts or vegetables which are low in carbohydrate.
No. They are full of sugar, and get stuck in their teeth.
A box of raisins contains nearly as much sugar as a can of coke so I’m not entirely convinced that they will help to fight cavities. However they can be a good source of antioxidants.
No, raisins CREATE cavities, unless the teeth are brushed immediately after eating them.
Any fruit that is naturally fermented is not bad for your teeth as it does not contain processed sugar. This is why fruits are very good to substitute for snacks that have processed sugar.
I strongly disagree. Raisins are concentrated sticky sugar with little nutrition. But fresh grapes are terrific.

Yes. Certain chemicals in raisins help suppress bacterial growth, which is a cause of tooth decay.
Raisins are high in sugar and are very sticky when chewing. They stick to your teeth and cause cavities. So, I don’t think they're good for your teeth. However, they are healthy and, if you brush your teeth, they are good for you.