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Best laser resurfacing for 33 year old for anti-aging

I am 33 with fairly good skin and I am looking to do things that will help keep me looking young. I have heard doing yearly lasers are important- but which ones are the best? I don't want to be housebound for 2 weeks- I hear Fraxel is good or Halo, but I am not sure of the difference. What is the best laser with the optimal results and minimal downtime?

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You are doing the right thing starting to focus on skin health at an early age. Yes, the Fraxel laser is very effective however we recommend a complimentary consultation with our skin care specialist to review your specific needs and provide you with a treatment plan that may involve other less costly methods to get your skin looking great. You may ultimately benefit from laser treatment but those results will be much better if you have optimized you skin first
This is a no brainer...forget Fraxel, we have progressed with technology in 2017. The use of the Icon Laser with a laser facial is non-burning and requires NO down time. It targets collagen and builds new structural support as well as getting rid of age spots and vascular irregularities. Usually need #3 treatments about a month apart .Results are permanent! Remember we keep aging though! Go to and look under Icon laser for examples.
Lasers a great option, but oftentimes tried and true procedures such as chemical peels can accomplish the same thing. It is best to have an in-person consultation so that your skin could be examined and have a discussion regarding advantages and disadvantages of different modalities.
I happen to like the Lumenis Encore laser that I use because it has two different modalities to treat skin - Deep FX and Active FX. I would have to examine you to be more certain as to what option is best. Those other lasers are fine too - it really comes down to your skin and the person doing the laser treatment.

John M. Hilinski, M.D.
As far as lasers, I have not heard of those, are they home lasers? I initially worked with Cutera which I loved, but now the Alma XL is amazing, but perhaps you could use something else. Usually downtown with lasers shouldn't be that much if you go somewhere good that knows what they are doing - OBAJI is an amazing product, yes at first, you'll say no way 6 steps, but it's one of those things to do to maintain your skin and let me tell you before and after pics made one person look 20 years younger.

There's a wash, and then 5 other steps - at first, it's like wow can I do this everyday, but 10 minutes becomes 3 seconds I promise, but you should get the whole kit - and it's expensive, but it lasts for more than a year as if you add up the products you buy you spend more, and if you get the right one or you can ask for Tretinoin cream with it, which is for wrinkle prophylaxis, the tretinoin you need to make sure you sunblock and the first few weeks you may flake off, but even I used it and had compliments. It's really a great product, you can get facials by them too like a peel, but make sure you stop that tretinoin cream as well, they have an amazing under eye cream as well, it really is a great product and you are only 33, the laser is good to do in between, but trust me the Obaji kit is well worth it.
Fraxel re:store DUAL 1927nm is the best for you.
Dr. Ting


This is an excellent question. There is no one "best" way to do anything in medicine, and anti-aging is no different. The best way to get an answer to your question is with a consultation. At that time, Dr. Solomon will provide an examination and take your medical history to determine what methods will help you achieve your goal. To schedule a consultation, in Philadelphia or Beverly Hills, please call our office. We look forward to meeting you. Thank you for your interest in Dr. Solomon's practice.
Whoever told you to have regular laser therapies is poorly informed. That is like regularly damaging your heart to keep it in good shape.
Resurfacing skin is helpful if there is a specific skin problem that can benefit from heating or burning off the top layer of the skin. At age 33 you probably don't have such a problem but if you think you might, you should seek the advice of a good Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist before undergoing a potentially damaging procedure. Lasers all work by using a very focused beam of light to vaporize tissue and the various makes and models differ only in the way the beams are delivered. Which model is best depends on what is trying to be accomplished and many have a number of settings and patterns that can be changed for various functions. Training and good judgement is essential for good results and unfortunately manufacturers aggressively market and sell their products to even those practitioners with little knowledge of skin health and laser physics.
My best advice to you is to find a well respected doctor and listen to his/her suggestions before doing anything drastic.
Thank you for your question. It looks as you've done homework so I'll get right to the point. Your in luck because there are multiple modalities to trea skin, specific to your needs. You are correct that recovery depends on the equipment used. So first of all we need to know what your concerns are. Is it skin pigmentation, fine wrinkles, loose skin, vascular marks? Once we know the specific problem or problems we can formulate remedies.
Thank you for your question. The answer really depends on your skin rather than the brand name of the laser. If skin texture is a concern, you may need either an ablative laser like the halo or the ablative version of Fraxel or the ICON 2940. If pigment is a concern, you may need an IPL (the best on the market at this time is the ICON). If you have perfect skin but are looking for preventative care, use a medical grade retinol and the appropriate sunscreen for your face, neck, and dorsal hands along with the Three For Me procedure once a year. The best option is to see the cosmetic dermatologist in your area that has a variety of lasers (not just one). He or she should not be to customize a treatment plan for you based on your skin and his or her knowledge of laser and light technology.

Best of luck,
Suneel Chilukuri, M.D.

It's great that you are considering treatments to enhance your skin health and appearance.

As we have do not have the HALO in our clinic, I cannot pass comment on the treatment comparisons. FRAXEL has proven to be a gold standard in clinical laser treatments with fantastic results. The FRAXEL Dual has the ability to treat superficially as well as deep into the dermis. In our experience, treatments have shown a greater response in the skin by offering a full treatment on each of the settings rather than combining settings. In most cases, a series of possibly 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart offer the best results. However, this can vary client to client.

You will find recovery from the treatment between 5-7 days. This recovery is not something that will have you house bound. By Day 5, you will find the skin slightly rough or dry to touch and may have a flaky appearance. This is the skin rejuvenating post treatment and a gentle exfoliating can help buff away the dry skin.

Our protocol is to offer a complementary LED light treatment to our clients at Day 5, where we provide a gentle exfoliating facial to help cleanse the skin of old cells and the light therapy to help speed up the skin recovery, while plumping and hydrating the skin.

Complementary consultations are available in the clinic to determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs.
First you would need to schedule a consult to determine if you are a good candidate and go over all of the options during your consult. The IPL is a great way for reducing sun damage and reds, without significant down time. Profractional builds collagen on a deeper more prominent level with a little more downtime, and the microlaser peel would have the most downtime, but would be fully resurfacing the skin. Please feel free to email me at or call our office if you have more questions. 303-381-3223. Have a great day! Here is a link to our laser page on our website to reference as well.

Amy Raval
It depends on who you talk to. I like the Halo and it works well in my hands, so that's the advice I would give you.
Good evening,

Fractionated laser is the best for resurfacing patients in their 30’s. Both popular brands - Fraxel & Halo - would be excellent.

We offer the latest technology - Halo - & will be happy to treat you at your next convenience!

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