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Blood pressure and back pain?

I've had ongoing lower back pain for a number of years just a couple of months ago I had a semi heart attack. I came out of hospital after a couple of days I had an ultrasound and it came back normal 2 weeks ago I had a cardio assessment where I walked on a treadmill I felt pain coming on in my back. After a few minutes, I was taken off and my blood pressure was up was given a glass of water and it went down a little. Now cardio said they are putting a question mark against my blood pressure. I was told to speak to my GP about my back pain and blood pressure concerned.

Female | 59 years old
Medications: heart meds
Conditions: acromegaly back pain

4 Answers

The blood pressure center is in the brain stem which passes through the first two vertebrae. Upper cervical subluxations can put pressure on the brain stem elevating blood pressure. This is also where the body compensates for an unresolved low back issue.

Dr Ehret
I can advise that you see an upper cervical chiropractor. Many times, adjustments at the top of the neck can drastically impact blood pressure shifts/dysfunctions. It is certainly worth trying for a couple months -- and could change you life.


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Back pain and heart problems can be very dangerous. If the back pain is associated with chest discomfort and blood pressure changes an aortic aneurysm has to be ruled out. A cardiac CT scan should be done. Having said all that this may be nothing serious at all. Without examining you I can’t tell you definitively what this is. I would tell you to have your pressure checked in both arms to look for differences. Talk to your cardiologist about a CT scan
Back pain can affect your blood pressure simply by the discomfort and stress that it creates. See your MD about your blood pressure, but I would see a chiropractor for the back pain. Medication only treats the symptoms of back pain. Chiropractic treats the cause.

Yours in health,

Doc J