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Brazilian butt lift- can you make my butt shorter?

I am interested in getting a butt lift- to give it a more curvy full appearance. My butt is long, Is there a way to actually shorten it so the bottom of the cheeks start higher up, so in theory lengthening my legs and shortening the length of the butt at the same time?

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Liposuction can remove some of the fat at the bottom of the buttocks, thereby "shortening" the buttock. That fat could be used to transfer into another part of the buttock to enhance the appearance and improve the shape.
Brazillian butt lift, as most of plastic surgery procedures, can be adjusted according to patients wishes. You should consult with your plastic surgeon and thoroughly communicate your desires. He/She will be able to modify the procedure to shorten you buttocks to the extend your body anatomy permits.
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There are ways to change the size, shape and proportions of your buttocks. With a Brazilian Butt Lift we combine liposuction of some areas while adding it in others. By doing this, we are able to accomplish a change in the entire appearance by changing the overall proportions and fat distribution. This will improve the flatness and length issue you refer to. Raising the gluteal folds (lower portion of your buttocks) requires a long incision and suturing techniques down to the muscle to be able to recreate the fold again. This is associated with low patient satisfaction as you are left with a big scar in a very uncomfortable area. Reports in our plastic surgery scientific literature have identify fold flatness and scar-related problems as common complications in surgeries where the natural gluteal fold is incised. I truly believe that by altering your overall PROPORTIONS AND FAT DISTRIBUTION with a smart combination of liposuction of certain areas (including hips, lower back and thighs) with fat grafting of others, the length and flatness that bothers you will be much improved. We can always see you and analyze your concerns together. Will help you visualize these potential changes. Its really impressive how much different (full and round) you can make your buttocks with this technique.

Yoel A. Rojas, MD
Yes, I can change the shape of your buttocks. I use a combination of liposuction, fat gagging and suture techniques. Come and see me in the office and will talk about it
Liposuction and lipofilling if I have understood the request

Alessandro Thione MD, PhD
Need to do fat graft and shorten the buttock, can be done at the same time.
Thank you so much for your question. It's difficult to give you a complete
answer without seeing you and examining your areas of concern, but in
general it is possible to make a "shorter" butt. Longer butts usually look
that way because of the lack of transition from the lower back to the
buttock area. By performing liposuction in the lower back and flanks, I
improve that transition point and there is more of a shelf in the upper
buttocks. This generally leads to a more round and less stretched out

As far as lifting your lower buttocks to lengthen your thighs and shorten
your butt, this is a little different. There is a zone of adherence where
your skin is attached to the deeper layers of your tissue in the crease
under your buttocks. If this area is liposuctioned, you will lose that
adherence and the entire buttock will drop and will not look very good at
all, so I'd recommend staying away from doing that.

I hope this helped, and if you have any further questions please don't
hesitate to email me or give my office a call.

Dr. Seth
A Brazilian butt lift is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks so that the butt appears lifted and perky. The effect is that your profile appears more attractive and voluptuous. It does not surgically shorten the butt.
To improve your overall appearance you may require liposuction to redefine your lower buttock and shorten the overall length. Enhancement of your buttock may require fat injections also.
Everyone's anatomy is definitely unique, and I tailor the surgery specifically to every individual. That being said, there is often unrealistic expectation that are difficult to meet, so I try to be as honest and educational as possible. The only way to know if you are an ideal candidate is a one-on-one consultation. Please call (203) 292-8119 to make an appointment.
Hi there! Great question and the answer is absolutely. The procedure I would suggest to achieve this particular look is a posterior thigh lift. This will give you that fuller buttock while also giving you that lengthening look in your legs. If you are interested in making an appointment, we would love to see you!
Brazilian Butt lift is a procedure in which your own fat is grafted to your buttock and is strategically placed to enhance not only the size, but the shape this gives the illusion of a butt lift. This has the effect of making your legs "longer", but does not actually lengthen them. There is a Buttock Lift procedure, in which the buttock is actually lifted. It would be best to have an in-office consultation so we go through what procedure/s would provide you with the best results. Please contact my office and we can schedule a consultation that works with your schedule, we look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for reaching out to Bandak Plastic Surgery.
yes there are so many options as far as shaping during
a brazilian butt lift. Give our office a call and we can schedule a
Skype Consult and answer any questions you may have. 304-925-4665

Bandak Plastic Surgery
Not easily and not without a significant scar. But adding an implant in the upper 2/3 of the buttocks will lift the lower part and give a sense of longer legs. An in-office consultation would help me make the right recommendation.

Best regards, Dr. Marc DuPere, aesthetic plastic surgeon, Toronto
Yes. There is actually a Buttick lifting procedure. But most of the time with fat injection into the buttocks, Brazilian Butt Lift, the result can be achieved which is a lot safer.
Without seeing you, it is impossible to answer your question. Plastic surgery is very visual and there are many options for each patient. Your best option is to schedule a consultation. We see patients in our Philadelphia and Beverly Hills locations, or consultations are available using Skype. Thanks for your inquiry.

Mark P. Solomon, MD FACS
Thank you for your question!

Yes, most definitely, we can shorten what appears to be a long buttock. This will be done by a combination of liposuction and fat grafting. Grafting fat into the buttock will improve the shape and shorten the apparent length of the buttocks.


Shim Ching, MSc, MD, FRCSC, FACS