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CBD interactions?

I have a prescription for Bromazepam for anxiety and insomnia. However, my symptoms are not that serious that necessitate a regular intake, so I try to use Bromazepam only when is strictly necessary, as I am well aware of the potential dependency risks. I was struggling to sleep last day and I decided to take one 20mg capsule of CBD, which did almost nothing and now I am thinking of taking Bromazepam to regulate my sleep a little because I have not slept well for a few days now.

My question is: how long should I wait before taking 1.5mg Bromazepam tablet since I took the CBD capsule? Is 48 hours enough? I am aware of the interactions between the two and I was wondering if I need to wait until the CBD has completely left my system or if one or two half-cycle completion (3 days) should be enough to reduce any harmful interaction to a minimum.

Male | 49 years old
Complaint duration: 3 days
Medications: Bromazepam
Conditions: insomnia/anxiaty

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Not my area of expertise. That said take a look at...