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Can COVID cause sinus tachycardia?

I recovered from COVID infection 5 days ago. Today I was diagnosed with sinus tachycardia. Can COVID cause sinus tachycardia? What are the treatment options?

3 Answers

COVID can affect the heart. Talk to your doctor to properly diagnosed.
COVID-19 should not cause sinus tachycardia. If there are complications such as lung or heart involvement then tachycardia or tachyarrhydmia may occur. But you have recovered from it, it may be benign. Check your electrolytes,thyroid functions. To be sure see your cardiologist.
We don't know your age or the extent of your infection. 5 days is not too far out of the main Covid infection. Did you have any heart involvement during the main infection? The primary lung infection is just resolving. Either one of these may cause sinus tachycardia, which will slowly resolve.
Good luck.