Pathologist Questions Hpv

Can HPV get transferred by kissing someone who is infected?

About 3 weeks ago I kissed someone who later I realised has been infected with HPV. For the last three days I have been having fever with nausea and headache. Could I be infected?

2 Answers

I don't think so. Usually doesn't happen that quickly. It also depends on where the infection is. If it were in the mouth, there would be some sort of a risk . I would consider getting checked out for it in 3 months. Would not show up on the test that quickly even if you were infected during this particular episode. if you find out you are positive, ask your doctor when you could had possibly got infected as far as a time line. Are you aware of your HPV status before this episode? If so, that would help with timing if you do later become infected.
That is a good question. Most researchers believe that HPV can be transmitted by oral sex with someone who has genital HPV. As for transmission by kissing, there is more controversy. However, a recent study has shown more evidence that HPV may well be able to be transmitted by kissing. It is still somewhat up in the air. So stay tuned for the final answer yet to come.