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Can I change my skin color with plastic surgery?

My skin on my face is extremely tanned and pigmented. Can plastic surgery help me go down two shades lighter?

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Short answer is NO. Long answer, there are many options to improve skin pigmentation, but sun damage and hormonal changes make it very variable as far as results go. Bleaching creams and skin peels do help, but usually, a maintenance program is required for long-term care.
To lighten your facial skin, you might try a combination of long-term skin bleaching cream such as hydroquinone, and a chemical peel. Certain lasers can also help to lighten excessively pigmented skin. Surgery itself does not lighten skin.
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If you are Caucasian, there are many ways to lighten your facial skin. Your plastic surgeon and his cosmetologist will be able to evaluate you and offer various therapeutic modalities to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that you must be realistic in your desires.
There is no safe way to lighten your skin tone I am afraid
Absolutely, go to a practice with skin care and lasers.

William A. Stefani, MD
Peels or laser may help.
Topical skin bleaching creams, chemical peels, and LASER resurfacing can all change your skin pigmentation. Often, it is a lighter shade, but not always. Increased pigmentation can also happen, though not often. Usually, we recommend starting out with a less aggressive treatment, like bleaching creams, as that alone is often all that is needed.