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Can I drink coffee after a tooth filling?

I am a 26 year old female. I want to know if I can drink coffee after a tooth filling?

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Yes, drinking is not a problem.

Yes, it is possible to drink coffee after a filling; however, there are some important considerations after having a filling. First, local anesthesia is usually used. This can have different affects on people for a couple of different reasons. Depending the tooth that is getting the anesthesia; the profoundness and size of area getting numb changes. Obviously, the bigger and more profound area getting numb means the harder it is going to be to drink something without spilling it. A lower back tooth will have a larger area and more profound anesthesia vs an upper back tooth. Secondly, the anesthesia may dull the sensitivity of how hot the coffee is. If the coffee is too hot, it could leave you with some burned gums. This usually heals within a couple days, but can be a nuisance. Finally, tooth colored fillings are associated with more sensitivity. Depending on the size of the filling there may be some sensitivity afterwards. If the filling was large or deep, sensitivity is a common reaction. The sensitivity comes from the irritation of the blood vessels and nerve inside the tooth. Hot coffee may exacerbate the sensitivity.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
Hello. Yes you can, but know any new filling will be very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Try and keep very hot Liquids away from that area.
Dr. J
Perhaps with caution but not so much because of the filling but because of the anesthetic. It’s hard to tell how hot something is when you’re numb and could burn the tissues easily
Yes, you can. 
Yes. Coffee might still stain your teeth if you don't brush properly. Make sure your doctor or hygienist shows you good brushing techniques.
Yes, any drink.
Yes, you can drink anything you want.
Absolutely. But be careful with extreme temperature for awhile as your tooth is sensitive.