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Can I give OTC cough syrups to my 9 month old baby?

My baby is 9 months old and is suffering from cough. He doesn’t seem to have fever or any other problem except for the cough. Is it safe to give OTC cough syrup to a 9 month old baby?

10 Answers

zarbees for 2-12 months is ok for a 9 month old. It is over the counter
We do not recommend OTC cough syrup at this age. If your baby is coughing a lot, have your pediatrician examine your baby’s lungs.
We don’t recommend OTC cough and cold remedies for babies.
No, give lots of liquids and use saline nose drops or a humidifier with cool mist.
Generally we don't recommend OTC cough meds at that age. Consider natural remedies. (No honey before 1 year old). There is a Zarbees for babies.
See baby’s doctor first.
That's easy, no. Take him to see his/her doctor if you are concerned.
No OTC cough meds should not be used