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Can I play after inguinal hernias surgery?

Can I play tennis and cricket within 2 weeks after inguinal hernia surgery?


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Be sure to follow your surgeon's advice after your hernia surgery, as depending on the complexity of your case or the surgical procedure it may require varying degrees of a rest period. Often several weeks are advised probably closer to 6 weeks before strenuous activity is permitted. Lighter forms of activity are often allowed prior to that. For more info, see for an in-person or TELE visit. - Adam Redlich, M.D.
You should probably wait 4 weeks to play those sports
Your surgeon should give you post operative instructions and should address any activity restrictions with you
Your Surgeon who performed the surgery should guide your return to activities, including playing tennis.
Yes but please consult with your general surgeon. I would recommend light progression to full function
This is definitely a question for your general surgeon as only your surgeon knows the size and extent of repair that was done. Usually they limit weight lifting and core exercises and since tennis and cricket both involve reaching and twisting at your torso, I assume they will be more strict with these 2 sports. Yoga or gentle stretching and walking should likely be ok now but check with your surgeon.
Wait 4-8 weeks.