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Can I whiten my teeth at home?

I want to whiten my teeth. Can I whiten my teeth at home?

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yes that is fine as long as it is done under supervision and monitoring of a licensed dentist. Ruling out periodontal disease before commencing bleaching is a highly important step and includes full clinical exam that only a licensed dentist can provide and to eliminate any underlying issues.
Yes, you can. There are many whitening products sold at Target, Walmart, CVS, Amazon, etc.
Your dentist can provide all you need to whiten your teeth at home.
At home whitening with your dentist's help is better than in office whitening.
In office whitening is faster.
OTC products are less effective.
Sure. crest white strips are probably the best over the counter bleaching option. But you should make sure your teeth have no cavities and your gums are healthy prior to bleaching.
Whitening of your teeth at home depends on if you have healthy teeth! meaning no areas of gum recessions, no cavities, and no faulty restorations! It is best to have a check up with your dentist prior to whitening, and not just jump into bleaching your teeth without supervision of a dental professional! some conditions may not alarm you with pain, but bleaching your teeth may cause irreversible damage!
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You can definitely whiten you teeth at home. There are great products OTC to do so. At the dental office we specialize in 1 hour treatments, precise whitening, and bleaching trays. We offer these at the office because they are not OTC and if you start to feel sensitivity, we have the proper tools to care for you.