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Can a dental bridge be whitened?

My dental bridge color is not as white as I want. Can a dental bridge be whitened?

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Not typically. There are temporary fixes, but ideally it should be replaced
No, porcelain crowns and bridges cannot be whitened like enamel.

Daniel C. Fischer, D.D.S.
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Dental bridges cannot be whitened. The tooth shade selected when the bridge was being made is permanent.

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Dr. Stoddart
Unfortunately, no. Bridges are often made of porcelain or a tooth colored material. You will need to replace the entire bridge if you wish to have it a lighter shade.
NO. The porcelain must be redone to change the shade.
Unfortunately, no. Dental crowns and bridges are made out of porcelain or ceramic and the color cannot be changed. Your option would be to whiten the rest of your teeth and replace the dental work to match.